Metsä Wood FormPLUS plywood is the phenolic film
overlaid panel choice for all formwork uses with high
concrete surface quality requirements. FormPLUS plywood
surface has a special treatment to resist the surface
rippling, which ensures the smooth high quality concrete
surface from the first use.

Metsä Wood FormPLUS is a smooth surface, maintenance-free birch plywood
panel for different concrete formwork applications: System shuttering, girder
formwork, regeneration panels, element industry and concrete block industry.
The durable overlays ensure smooth concrete finish and multiple uses.
The number of uses can rise up to 30 – 100 but is highly dependent on
the used overlay, site practice, requirements of concrete finish, the quality of
release agent and the maintenance, handling and storage practices.
Use high quality release agent to ensure easier and cleaner release. Make sure
that the release agent is suitable with the panel overlay. Clean panels after each
use to remove all concrete debris. Seal scratches with water proof paint and fill
holes with water resistant filler. Afterwards, apply a fresh coat of release agent
prior to each subsequent use.

The base plywood of Metsä Wood FormPLUS is Metsä Wood Birch, which
is made of cross-bonded 1.4 mm thick birch veneers and bonded with
weather and boil-resistant phenol formaldehyde adhesive.
Designed and tailor-made to serve in demanding applications, birch plywood
can be ordered with special oriented veneer structures to provide even higher
strength and stiffness properties.

A smooth and durable phenolic film is hot-pressed onto the panel surface.
The film consists of special base papers impregnated with phenolic resin.
A film with a basis weight of 220 g/m2
is normally used. On the backside
of the panel, the overlay has Metsä Wood FormPLUS logo imprinted into
the panel surface. The overlay can also be ordered with customized logo.
Standard film colour is dark brown. The phenol film is not UV resistant and
the colour may change if exposed to sunlight over prolonged periods.

The Metsä Wood FormPLUS plywood panel surface has a special treatment
which makes the surface moisture repellent. Hence the FormPLUS panel surface
is able to remarkably reduce surface rippling and provides a smooth concrete cast
surface from the first use. The treatment is applied to the concrete side only, which
normally has dark brown phenolic film without a logo. The backside of the panel
has a film overlay with imprinted Metsä Wood FormPLUS logo.

• Surface resists rippling
• Smooth durable overlay
• Light and dimensionally stable
• Strong and rigid
• Easy to clean and re-use
• Easy to machine and fasten using conventional woodworking tools and
• Can withstand impacts and other forms of bruising
• Environmentally friendly
• Weather and boil proof bonding
The phenolic film surface is semi-glossy, smooth, hard and slippery.
It withstands abrasion, is moisture resistant and can tolerate commonly used
chemicals as well as diluted acids and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with
water or steam. Moisture absorption is minimal.

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